“…I knew I had made an impression.” – Founder, Square Bzness

In the course of an otherwise ordinary day, I had suddenly found myself in a tricky situation. On one side of a small room stood six rather large men; on the other side was myself. In between us: a pronounced difference of opinion. What to do? I called upon verbal judo rather than physical skills, attempting to guide the outcome towards a resolution that did not include a trip to the hospital. As I scanned the faces of my adversaries, it did not appear I was making a strong enough case for my position. A catchphrase of a quick-witted coworker who I admired suddenly came to mind. On impulse, I used it to punctuate my presentation: “Square Business!” I declared. As the last words left my lips, I knew I had made an impression. They backed down, and the situation was resolved peacefully. I knew then that these words carried strength. So I decided to build on that strength, creating an enterprise focusing on quality services and Products, Square Bzness!